Maike Lex, Das Doppelte Leben (Foto: Alexander Jaquemet)

"My study stay in Hildesheim was a new experience and was very exciting. I was in a completely new environment, so I learnt a lot about myself. I made new friends and would definitely recommend a stay abroad as part of studies." (Claudio Richard, semester abroad at the University of Hildesheim)

The Institute of Theatre Studies (ITW) encourages and supports stays abroad for bachelor, master and doctoral students and welcomes guests from abroad.

The Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP) facilitates the exchange of students within Europe. The ITW has 15 agreements with partner universities in Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Additional agreements can also be made on the recommendation of a student.

Students wishing to travel further afield, for example to the USA, can find a suitable partner university in the ISEP program. A semester abroad can also be organized on the student’s own initiative.

Each semester, an information session is held for Theatre and Dance Studies students who are interested in studying abroad, who have returned from a study program, or who are studying in Bern as part of a mobility program.

The dates for these sessions can be found in the course handbook, La Leçon. E-mail reminders are also sent out two weeks in advance.


ITW Swiss-European Mobility Coordinator: Johanna Hilari