Study Program

Thank you for your interest in Theatre Studies and Dance Studies at the Institute of Theatre Studies (ITW) at the University of Bern.

The ITW offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Theatre Studies and a Master’s degree in Dance studies. Courses in Dance Studies can be taken in the bachelor program.

The bachelor program builds knowledge of European and global theatre and dance history as well as contemporary theatre and dance. Students are introduced to a range of theories of theatre, dance, and aesthetics. Students develop methods to analyse theatrical and performative phenomena and discourses and can thus critically situate them within the wider field of cultural studies. Knowledge and practice of dramaturgy is also an important aspect of the bachelor program.


Claire Cunningham, Thank You Very Much (Foto: Hugo-Glendinning)

In the Master's program in Theatre Studies or Dance Studies, students deepen their knowledge and develop an independent academic profile. Students choose to specialize in dance or theatre in the master's program. They can extend their individual interests in history and historiography, theory and aesthetics. Through lectures, seminars, internship, and research colloquia students acquire skills that prepare them for professional careers and doctoral studies.

In the doctoral program, students pursue independent scholarly work in Theatre Studies or Dance Studies. This can be part of a structured doctoral program with the Graduate School or as an independent doctorate. At the Institute of Theatre Studies (ITW), doctoral students regularly attend a research colloquium, where their current research status is discussed with other doctoral students, postdocs and professors.

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