Internship and Work Experience

Practical experience is an integral part of Theatre Studies and Dance Studies at the Institute of Theatre Studies (ITW). Attending theatre is an important aspect of courses and excursions, and time working in the cultural sector is considered a necessary experience for the degree.

Internship and studies - how does that work?

  • At the bachelor level and in consultation with an ITW professor or assistant, work in a cultural institution in theatre and/or dance (e.g., as a dramaturg, production intern or assistant director) may be credited as an elective. For accreditation, the cultural institution must provide certified proof of hours worked and the student must write a report evaluating the internship. A maximum of 6 ECTS (workload: 150-180 hours) per internship project can be credited. Theatre Studies major students are strongly encouraged to use their work experience to further their professional development and start building a professional network for their future careers.
  • An internship in a cultural institution is required for the Master’s degree with a major in Theatre Studies or Dance Studies. Internship is an opportunity to put into practice the skills acquired during study and brings students into contact with their chosen professional field. Accreditation requires certified proof of the hours worked in the cultural institution as well as a written report assessing the internship. A maximum of 6 ECTS (workload: 150-180 hours) per work project can be credited.

Guidelines for internship.pdf (German)

How do I get an internship?

  • Students are responsible for finding an internship or work experience and must discuss the upcoming internship with an ITW professor or an assistant well in advance.
  • The Institute of Theatre Studies (ITW) has strong networks in the Swiss theatre scene and makes every effort to keep students informed of current opportunities. Students should contact the cultural institution directly to arrange their internship (following the "Guidelines for Internship").
  • We regularly post internship vacancies on our Facebook page or externally under current news. We also recommend the job exchange “Studienangebot Kulturmanagement” at the University of Basel (German), where you can find current vacancies in the cultural sector.