Theatre and Dance Studies

Courses at the Institute of Theatre Studies (ITW) cover:

  • Theatre and Dance History
  • Contemporary Theatre and Dance
  • Theatre and Dance Theory
  • Theatre and Dance Aesthetics
  • Dramaturgy and Performance Analysis
The varied study program consists of lectures, seminars, practical exercises, and excursions. The program develops an in-depth academic approach to local and global theatre and dance phenomena in their aesthetic, cultural, temporal, and social conditions. External professionals and faculty from national and international universities contribute to the richness of the ITW program. Excursions expose students to a variety of production methods in contemporary theatre and dance and offer the opportunity to practice dramaturgical, choreographic and performance analysis. Study credits for an internship or work experience in the cultural sector allows students to build networks for their future careers. Student mobility is a unique opportunity to spend a semester abroad at an international university. Information on the current courses offered can be found in the course catalogue for the semester (La Leçon HS 23). Dates and rooms for the seminars and lectures can be found in the Teaching System KSL course entries. Our student advisor Mena Taverna is available for subject-related consultation. Make an appointment to discuss your choice of degree program, enrolment, internship, or graduation.