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Between 1997 and 2005, the Institute for Theatre Studies at the University of Bern compiled the "Theaterlexikon der Schweiz" (TLS). With this reference work, Swiss theatre development is documented in all its diversity for the first time. The TLS offers a broad thematic, topographical and personal overview of the Swiss theatre landscape from its beginnings to the present, which will serve as an indispensable basis for any further theatre studies research in Switzerland.

About 3600 articles cover persons, groups, venues, and institutions of the various theatre forms such as municipal theatres, independent groups, amateur and popular theatres, children's and youth theatres, puppet theatres, musical theatres, and dance theatres. Factual articles explain theatrical forms and events of Swiss theatre in the past and present. The specifics of theatre production in the four language regions are comprehensively documented for the first time and presented in their national and international context. Thus, a quadrilingual work has been created that will be of great use both to specialists and to the public interested in theater. The three-volume illustrated book edition of the TLS was published by Chronos Verlag Zurich in 2005. In 2013, the Theaterlexikon was put online (German).


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So far, Switzerland's diverse theatre landscape has been underrepresented in international discourse, since in this country - unlike in neighboring countries - institutionalized theatre studies research has only existed since 1992. The Institute for Theatre Studies in Bern has therefore set out to fill the gaps in Swiss theatre historiography. Building on numerous individual studies, the TLS has the task of summarizing the essential data and facts of national theatre history and making them accessible.